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Arcade Game Service

KD Game Room Supply’s Arcade Game Service has been an indusry standard for repairing and refurbishing video arcade games and pinball machines. Learn more about our Pinball repair on our Pinball services page. Whether you have a newer arcade or a retro arcade game we have access to the proper parts, tools, and techs to get your game fixed. If you are looking to replace or possibly trade your new or retro arcade game please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Ms. Pac Man, Star Wars, Galaga, Golden Tee, Nascar racing, Street Fighter. You would be hard pressed to find an arcade game we haven’t worked on. Our expert technicians have seen it all; Ship your game directly to us and let us get you up and running again!

Our pricing can vary depending on your issue and timeframe. So, be sure to fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge and with the most detail possible. A KD Game Room Supply associate will contact you following your submission. 

Don’t hesitate any longer – get that relic that is sitting in the corner of your mancave in perfect condition today. We know you have a Frogger, Mortal Kombat, Centipede or a Space Invader that is in need of some TLC. Send it over to us and we will have it running like new. 

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Feel free to elaborate to ensure our techs have the best idea on where to start
*All prices are estimates
**All prices can vary depending on parts, shipping and handling
We keep the games you love alive.