Automated Teller Machines

ATMs are here to stay and now is the time to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. Every time the ATM is used, it puts cash in the customer's hands, thus generating more cash sales and revenue for you! Yesterday an ATM was a genuine business advantage; today it is a necessity. You can see it everywhere; major chains and progressive retailers all over the country are installing ATMs for convenience to their customers and revenue for them! Why wait? Take advantage of this opportunity, it's a win-win situation for all!

Incentives of having an ATM at your location:

  • ATMs increase the overall sales of a location, which means more money spent on food, drinks, jukeboxes and entertainment.
  • Up to 80% of cash obtained from ATMs in nightclubs, restaurants and bars is spent on-site, so that means more revenue for you!
  • ATMs help businesses save money by reducing credit card fees, as many customers will choose to use the ATM and pay with cash rather than use their credit card.
  • Most bars and nightclubs in the United States have ATMs in their venues as they have seen how dramatically ATMs can increase their bottom line.
  • Low cost of ownership, reliable and easy to maintain.

Whether you would like to buy your ATM machine or work on a revenue-sharing agreement, we can find a solution for you. We will help make sure the machines are fully compliant, help with the forms and paperwork, and arrange installation. Some locations qualify for a no-cost ATM placement.

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