Holland Bar Stool Co. (Game Room Series)

Holland Bar Stool Co. is a manufacturer of high-quality pool tables, foosball tables, shuffleboard tables, air hockey, and dome-bubble hockey. Holland also features licensed product from NCAA (ISU, etc.) Military, NHL, and Indian Motorcycles. KD is a distributor for Holland Barstools and we can provide pricing that is less than what is listed on the manufacturer website. Contact us for details.

You can view Holland Bar Stool Co. pool table options at hollandbarstool.com/product-categories/game-room-series/pool-table.html.

You can view Holland Bar Stool Co. shuffleboard options at hollandbarstool.com/product-categories/game-room-series/shuffleboard.html.

You can view Holland Bar Stool Co. dome hockey options at hollandbarstool.com/product-categories/game-room-series/dome-hockey.html.

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