Planning Your Home Game Room for Success Without the Stress

a basement gameroom with shuffleboard, table tennis and arcade game

Have you been thinking about transforming your space into a place for relaxation and entertaining?

Planning and bringing a personal game room to life can be overwhelming, but if you create a plan and follow these steps, you should make clear progress and have your personal arcade and recreational area up and running in no time. A good way to keep your home project on track is to have clear objectives and milestones every step of the way so everyone on the project knows what’s expected. Each space has unique constraints, so it also helps to have built-in flexibility when things go off the plan and need to be reworked.

standalone bar in a home gameroom

Find Inspiration

Before you come up with a plan for your home game room, it’s good to know all of the different options and see which ones appeal to you. You can theme your game room in a certain way, focus on a specific type of game, or try to provide a variety of different games for your guests and friends. The first and easiest place to start your search is on the internet. YouTube has many gaming enthusiast channels and they will often post a video tour of their game room. You can also use Pinterest to bookmark pictures and videos you want to reference later. Want to see some of what inspires us? Follow us on Pinterest at @kdgameroomsupply.

You can also use physical places for inspiration and for reference when deciding what you want your home game room to include. You can visit local game stores and venues such as bars, restaurants, or arcades you frequent. What games do you gravitate to or play the most? Are there games that you like to compete with others and could use space in your home to practice your skills? Use these questions and the visual references you’ve collected to decide what are must-haves and what would be nice extras in the space.

You can also find inspiration by visiting our showroom. We have dartboards, pool tables, arcade games, and pinball machines set up and ready to experience. We also have binders from all the big manufacturers providing information and visuals on all available options. We also keep samples on hand of pool table cloth in a variety of color options.

Know Your Parameters

Each room or space in your house has parameters you need to understand when building a plan. Knowing the dimensions and square feet is a must before deciding on or purchasing game room equipment or furniture. You should also take stock of the location and number of electric outlets in your space, often older spaces will have fewer outlets or they lack the functionality to be grounded which can cause power surges on game room equipment. Are you planning on doing any renovations such as knocking out walls or electric work? Understanding this will save you time and will help you to know who to bring into your project and when.

There are also other things to consider such as if there’s adequate lighting or storage. If you’re unsure of how to make it work, talk to one of our experts. We have some pool tables with built in storage and other creative ways to make your layout work. And we also offer lighting options. Does the layout include fixed items or big pieces that you already have (like a bar or buffet area) that may make loading game room equipment or furniture such as pool tables awkward or difficult? Will children have access to this area and are there any safety precautions that need to be implemented? Once you have a good idea of what you need, want, and what the space allows you to do, you can start sketching out different options and ideas. These can be as simple as using the back of a napkin, taking out some graph paper, or something more sophisticated like using an online drafting tool. Give yourself a few options so if one doesn’t end up working out you have a couple of alternatives to consider.

Choose a Trusted Partner

Once you have a few plans you’re happy with, the real fun can get started! While it’s exciting to have plans to create your home arcade, you don’t have to do everything alone. If you need construction or electrical work done, getting a contractor involved from the beginning can help ensure you’re abiding by building codes and aren’t doing anything that can potentially be dangerous or not provide the functionality you’re looking for. You should also look to partner with a reputable game provider. When evaluating game providers and rehab specialists, look for company history, their reputation in the community, their previous work, and any other considerations you find important. Due to the potential for supply chain disruptions, it’s becoming increasingly important to have good relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. KD Game Room Supply has the industry connections and history to know when supplies, parts, or specific games will be available and can advise on how to get your home game room up and running.

Building your home arcade or rec room doesn’t have to be a complex project, it can be as simple as choosing some decor and furniture with a pool table or pinball machine as a focal point. You can always choose to improve on your space and add more games or upgrade later.  It should first and foremost serve your functional needs so you have a place to unwind, instead of causing you to stress about having to make things perfect. If you have specific questions, you can always contact us and we can advise you on how to achieve what you want for your space. And if you already have a home arcade you want to show off, post it on social media and tag us at KD Game Room Supply.

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