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South Park Pinball


South Park released by SEGA Pinball in 1999.

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South Park Pinball released by SEGA in 1999.

  • 1-6 players.
  • 2 Flippers.
  • 2 Slingshots.
  • 3 targets to activate multi-ball mode.
  • 1 ramp.
  • 1 toilet that flips open when multi-ball mode has been activated.
  • 3 Pop bumpers
  • 1 Kick-out hole that has different functions depending on how the ball enters it. It then sends the ball up through a metal ramp.
  • You can kill Kenny!
  • Visit the different characters of South Park by hitting their targets!


*Pictures are not of actual machine.

Price: $6295.00

South Park @ IPDB

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